Best Dance Film from Roma Short Film Festival
Best Dance Experimental from Experimental, Dance & Film Festival
Editor and Production Design
After cataclysmic events decimate the human population, the survivors build new ways of living and remembering. Alone and adrift, a woman journeys to a memorial for those lost, and in doing so, finds what she needs most.
The Story of 
How We Live
How We Live was Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance's response to the world around them in 2020. Suzanne Chi and Rachel Slater Carter of MFCD cancelled their future live performance and pivoted into creating a dance film. They invited me to join the team early on as a consultant where I supported them and helped their dreams and ideas come to fruition
After months of planning and prep Oregon had a tragic year of wildfires which resulted in one of the films shooting locations to burn down, so again we had to adapt. 
How We Live explores concepts of apocalyptic loneliness and belonging while also honoring those who have passed.
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