As the festival director of Portland Dance Film Fest, I've had the privilege of viewing over 1,500 dance films. Through this experience, I've gained a deep understanding of what makes a dance film successful and the common mistakes to avoid. Whether you're looking for a workshop, guest artist, or seminar speaker, I'm here to share my expertise and help you bring your dance film vision to life.

What I can do for you:

Workshop: two to three hour workshop teaching the basic terminology for setting up shots while learning a simplistic technique for creating choreography specifically for the static camera. 
Add ons: Learn terminology for camera movement while experimenting with choreography created for the moving camera OR experimenting with finding the best camera movement to capture the concept/choreography. 

 Seminar/Guest Speaker:  one hour seminar or zoom call into your class to discuss what is and isn't a dance film, tips on creating a successful dance film, and answering any questions.

 Guest Artist:  Create concept, set choreography on students/company, supply music, secure locations, direct, film, & edit a complete dance film. 
Who I've Worked With
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