Oregon. North Carolina. California. New York. Mexico City.
Producer, Choreographer, Dancer
The Story of 
Living the Room // Dance for Film
This film is a collection of personal and inherently human stories. It begins with an empty 103-year-old house. Six tidy rooms are distinctly empty except for their echoes of life. When the camera settles in the living room the first chapter unfolds; a sextet, a quartet, a trio, two duets, and two solos take place in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and foyer to bestir some stories of this house and its people.
Humans as individuals often get stuck in routine without realization – just as each of the women in this film continue on with their cyclical processes. Sometimes outside forces and relationships can push / pull a person to new places and experiences, but the home, as a place of comfort, ownership, and things, often perpetuates routine.
As such, during the film all sense of chronology takes a surreal effect: day and night are switched and order-less, dances will often happen in the background of other pieces, dancers to be in two places at once, and phrases and props are often recurring causing a disconnect to time. Perhaps all of the dances are occurring simultaneously. Perhaps the story is an endless loop.
With this film we are able to capture emotions and details that are easily missed from stage. Also unlike live performance, film can be shared easily and find its way into homes across the world to inspire any young dancer, artist, or musician; any brother, sister, child, parent, lover or friend; and because dance is a universal language it can be understood by everyone.
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